4 Quick Steps on How to Deposit in Bitcoin Casino

Learn the simple and easy steps on how to deposit in Bitcoin casino to get your winning streak started and to guarantee non-stop fun and excitement!

Everything is set for your first Bitcoin gambling session except for one thing, and that is to have funds in your balance. Although you can get a few satoshis from a Bitcoin faucet, the faster way to keep a winning streak in an arm’s reach is to deposit BTC on your account and begin wagering like there’s no tomorrow!

If you’re already familiar with the steps in funding a casino account online with US dollars or euros, chances are you shouldn’t have any problem with a Bitcoin casino. After all, the steps on how to deposit in Bitcoin casino are simple and basic that even a young, tech-savvy kid can do it.

1.Go to the Deposit Page or Cashier

The first thing to do is to go to the cashier. Not all casinos call this page as such, but you get the idea. Sometimes, you can also access the Deposit page through the My Account tab. On Anonymous Casino, just head over to the My Account tab to launch the cashier page.

2. Choose which currency to deposit in

The recent Bitcoin casinos also cater to altcoin players, so expect to find more options when it comes to funding an online account. You can select your preferred cryptocurrency in order to launch the deposit details. If you wish to fill your balance with LTC, just simply click on the LTC button and follow the next instructions. Keep in mind that the bets you will make on the casino games rely on the cryptocurrency you deposit.

3. Select the payment method

Depending on the Bitcoin casino, you may be presented with various ways to deposit your funds. In the case of Anonymous Casino, you can opt to pay with Cubits.

Powered by SoftSwiss, it now has the ability to process your deposits regardless if they are fiat or cryptocurrency. Cubits, a Bitcoin payment gateway, automatically converts any of its accepted 17 digital currencies to Bitcoin through its own Bitcoin wallet.

In addition, you may transfer your funds via the traditional method of directly sending the BTC from your own wallet to the address posted on the page. Deposits can also be sent to the QR code flashed on the same page.

4. Wait for network confirmations

It’s of absolute importance to understand the steps on how to deposit in Bitcoin casino, especially when it comes to network confirmations. Keep in mind that some casinos instantly process the deposits, which means that the amount is reflected in the balance right away. On the other hand, some casinos will require a few minutes in order to confirm the transaction. Once confirmed, though, expect to play any of your favorite casino games until you finish your bankroll or double it with huge Bitcoin wins!

Through these easy steps, you can already jumpstart your Bitcoin gambling session and secure as many payouts as possible with just a few Bitcoin bets!

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