Top Winners
Player Won ETH57.24 in Roll the Dice
Anonymous Won BTC5.87 in Hooked
Anonymous Won LTC252.04 in Crazy Time
Anonymous Won BTC3.63 in Danger Zone
Player Won ETH23.16 in Roll the Dice
Jkhanz Won BTC1.49 in Golden Lemon Deluxe
Pieter Won BTC1.81 in XXXTreme Lightning Roulette
Pieter Won BTC1.81 in XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

Bitcoin Lottery Games

Lottery is all about relying on luck, and this is the very factor that makes it exciting for all kinds of bettors. It is no surprise, then, that many players favor a game or two of lottery, whether online or land-based.

The characteristic that truly sets lottery games apart from the rest of the gambling activities is that it combines both fun and suspense into one, even so when you win despite your small odds of winning. That is why you are guaranteed to have a great time when you play the lottery game with us!

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Lottery Bitcoin

Bitcoin lottery may sound strange, but there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. In layman’s term, this is basically an online lottery that uses bitcoins instead of real money like US dollar, euro, or British pound. Therefore, all you need is some bitcoins in your bankroll to experience the same level of thrills and entertainment, but with more convenience and exciting rewards.

How to Play Bitcoin Lottery

You can choose your preferred lottery game from our library. We currently offer live keno and live lottery, so feel free to choose which to play first.

Of course, our live lottery game cannot be any easier than playing the typical lottery you see on TV. With a gorgeous dealer manning the draws broadcast live to players across the globe, you are assured of a realistic gaming experience—one that will make you feel excited and at ease that you are playing in a reliable and safe online casino.

Place your Bitcoin bets, select your preferred numbers, colors, or sums, and wait for the draw to happen. Watch the actual draw happen live via the feed and watch the winning numbers grant you rewards!

You can also play our live keno game. Choose numbers from the onscreen board and watch the lottery balls rise up and move through the tube as they unlock the prizes waiting for you.

Benefits of Playing Btc Lottery Games on Anonymous Casino

What is so great about playing lottery with Bitcoin, you ask? There are so many excellent reasons you should experience Bitcoin lottery.

Other than the fact that the draws are shown in real-time, you will also be treated to fast deposits and withdrawals. You basically do not have to wait for several days to cash out your winnings!

Also, you can play our Bitcoin lottery games from wherever you are as long as you have a Bitcoin wallet, some bitcoins, and a decent Internet connection. You can even play anonymously on our site!

With Bitcoin and Litecoin offered, there is simply no reason to pass up on playing the Bitcoin lottery games here on Anonymous Casino!

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