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Player Won ETH57.24 in Roll the Dice
Anonymous Won BTC5.87 in Hooked
Anonymous Won LTC252.04 in Crazy Time
Anonymous Won BTC3.63 in Danger Zone
Player Won ETH23.16 in Roll the Dice
Jkhanz Won BTC1.49 in Golden Lemon Deluxe
Pieter Won BTC1.81 in XXXTreme Lightning Roulette
Pieter Won BTC1.81 in XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

Bitcoin Dice Games

Explore the Bitcoin Dice games online and be enchanted by its fun-filled gameplay, high rewards, and exciting results in every roll of the dice.

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Bitcoin Roll Dice

Who would have thought that a small six-faced rounded cube would bring so much joy to the world? The popular dice game has been around since the reign of the Egyptians and is still passing entertainment to the society of today. Because of its unparalleled popularity, modern technology has improved this game to continue the phenomenon that started from just a simple roll.

Btc Dice Game

The idea behind Bitcoin dice is your guessed value should match the value of the rolled dice. Basically, there is no strategic planning here and is purely based on luck. Due to the modernization to this game, we now have the roll high/low, roll under, and range types that add more thrill and excitement to the simple roll-the-dice gameplay.

How to Play Bitcoin Dice

Betting on Bitcoin dice games come in a variety of forms. For instance, if you choose to play the roll high-roll low game, you have to place your bet, and then type in your prediction which ranges from 1 to 99. If you select the roll high option, it means you win the bet if the digits appearing before you lands on any value higher than your prediction. The contrary then applies to the roll low option.

When speaking of the roll under type, the gameplay is just like the first mentioned without the roll high preference. Likewise, the same procedure applies to range types. The only difference is that prediction range can reach up to a three-digit number.

Benefits of Bitcoin gambling Dice on Anonymous Casino

Playing using bitcoins over real currencies posts a lot of advantages compared to the later. For instance, digital currencies offer more security and transparency, and it also enables everyone who has access to the Internet to use Bitcoin and other cryptocoins like Ethereum and Litecoin, which is also accepted here.

Moreover, the provably fair feature, as seen on most Bitcoin casino sites, provides its players with a concrete and clear proof of their game results, leading to a more peaceful state of mind when gambling.

Therefore, being a Bitcoin gambling game, it assures that each result you get in playing Bitcoin dice shows you a legitimate breakdown. Moreover, Anonymous Casino delivers the same credibility.

We are not yet providing dice games in our library as of the moment. However, once we launch our dice games, expect lots of excitement and winning moments!

For now, enjoy the games that we have that you will not regret! Enjoy and play here on Anonymous Casino!

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