Top Winners
Anonymous Won BTC5.87 in Hooked
Anonymous Won LTC252.04 in Crazy Time
Anonymous Won BTC3.63 in Danger Zone
Anonymous Won BTC4.20 in Blackjack 16
Amida Won ETH37.50 in Crazy Time
Anonymous Won BTC3.66 in Hooked
Anonymous Won BTC3.51 in Hooked
Anonymous Won BTC3.52 in Blackjack 12

Affiliate program

Any registered player can become an affiliate using this link

By promoting Anonymous Casino you are able to start earning money from your online traffic through the recruited players that you brought in.

The affiliate gets a percentage of the casino's net revenue from players invited by him/her. Net revenue is defined as [Total bets] – [Total win] – [Bonuses Issued].

Note! We have no admin fees! So we affiliate PAYMENTS HIGHER than in other casinos by 30 percent or more!

Further to this, daily updated reports are provided to display your ongoing performance.

20% if generated less than 1 BTC, 10 ETH or 100 LTC per month

25% if generated between 1-10 BTC, 10-100 ETH or 100-1000 LTC per month

30% if generated greater than 10 BTC, 100 ETH or 1000 LTC per month

If you generated greater than 20 BTC, 200 ETH or 2000 LTC per month decision on the amount of remuneration taken individually

This document was last updated on July 18, 2018

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